Our Cause

"Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave"

Frederick Douglass


Tarek Office

 Tarek, Black Legacy's creator


Black Legacy is Black Owned and Black Operated company which represents a spirit, it is the idea to pay homage to the great black and African heroes and take the relay ourselves in the quest of equality and freedom!

We, Black Legacy, aim to educate the youth and give it the weapons to go as high and possible and to change the world.

We want to inspire you with the stories of the great black leaders and heroes, to commemorate the crucial events that shaped the history of the black people, and even to celebrate some aspects of the black culture. From the Black Power movements, to the Haitian slave revolt or more recent movements like Black lives matter, from Malcolm X to Shaka Zulu, black pride is only justified and you shouldn't hide it.

We want you to know your legacy, to be proud of it and to say it loud.

We want you to spread the word about the reason why the black people and its history is beautiful.

We want you to be proud of what you are and where you come from.



10% of the profits raised by Black Legacy go to SOS Africa, a charity which helps the poorest children of the South-African townships by giving them access to education to give them the opportunity to achieve their potential and reach their projets