Black Business I: Interview of Lynn Smith, the founder of Che' Beautiful

For the 1st article of the Black Business serie, we interviewed Lynn Smith. Lynn created the succesful Beauty products' brand Che' Beautiful. Today, she will share with us some insight and advices on how to create a succesful business as a black entrepreneur.


Che' beautiful


Hello Lynn Smith, 


Can you tell us a bit more about your business?


We are a web-based company, we create organic skincare products that address and problematic skin issues. 


How did you make your first sale?


We made our first sale, selling our products to our family and friends. 


What do you think made the difference between failure and success?


The difference between success and failure is consistency, determination and excellence. 


What habits and mindsets did you develop to be successful?


We wanted to create something great, something different than what we'd been exposed to. 


Did you encounter some additional difficulties due to the fact that you were black?


I don't know that we've encountered difficulties because of our skin color. Sometimes people you know can refuse to support you. We've experienced that in addition to the small town crab mentality. 


Did you feel like the black community was supporting of your business?


The larger black community as a whole in my city, have not purchased products, but they've offered a lot of verbal support. However there are a lot of black Women who are and have been faithful customers.


I understand that the people that know you personally, can be the last group to offer financial support. We fought that by continuing to share customer feedback, continue to introduce new products and share our knowledge. 


What advices could you give to all of our black readers who want to start their own business?


My advice to readers: 

  1. know your target audience. Who you intend to reach, who'll want your product and advertise to your target audience only. 
  2. Make your business stand out from everyone else. 
  3. Be Impressive


Thank you for your insight Lynn.


Che Beautiful team


You can find Lynn Smith’s products on her business’ website:

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