The Ultimate Guide to Black Pride in 2019

black pride 2019


Gone are the days when being black made us feel left out or different from the pack. Rather than being shamed and discriminated against, it’s time for us to rise up and claim what is rightfully ours. Nowadays being shamed for who we are and being ashamed of ourselves is no longer an option. It’s the time for us to come together and raise our voice as one. It’s our time to move forward as a community. It’s the time for black pride.

2019 is the year where we African-Americans get to take hold and express exactly who we are and what we want. It’s not just about individuality either. Unlike the other communities in the US, us blacks are now more united and far more capable and motivated to give everything we have for the possibility of making our mark on the world the way we want to.

The US and the entire world are quickly changing. The rude and hateful looks that we received are no longer acceptable. Bigotry and racism is being destroyed and the people practising it are being deservedly hounded. This is the time for us African-Americans to realize that we no longer have to feel scared to express who we are. We are just special and capable as anyone else. We can achieve everything that others do and make our own influential place in American society if we just work for it. In 2019, what we need to do is make the year the time of black pride.

Here’s what African-Americans need to realize about themselves and how it can help motivate them and fuel black pride for the year of 2019:


African-American Importance to Culture

We blacks have a huge place in American culture. Rather than being stereotyped and treated based on those stereotypes, these days we African-Americans are being given the respect that we deserve. We hold a monumental place in modern American society and the importance we carry is only growing with time. Not just American culture, African-Americans currently also hold a major grip on global trends.

The first example of this is music. We have long held a major position in the world of music and have brought the world genres such as R&B, jazz, and hip-hop. Hip-hop is currently the biggest genre in the entire world and African-American artists that make hip-hop music have been some of the most successful of all time worldwide. The names of Jay-Z, Tupac, and Kendrick Lamar reverberate all around the US as well as the whole world.

At the same time, trends that start from the African-American community quickly make their way all over the world. One great example of this is the dab. The dance move or action originated from the African-Americans and quickly made its way all over the world. Children and many adults these days, of any skin color, dab frequently and proudly, recording themselves doing the move and often posting it online for the world to see. In a way, we African-Americans are currently making the world move with everything we do. It’s one of the biggest aspects of black pride overall.


The Historical Importance of African-Americans

Although African-American history mostly revolves around the atrocities faced by us, there’s a lot more to our role in shaping the country’s history. African-Americans have played major roles in many of the wars that the US has participated in and has multiple war heroes that have earned respect and admiration over the years.

More than just the military, the African-American community has provided the backbone for the country to run on. We have filled many big offices and places over the years and have a deep rooted history in American public and private institutions. With Barack Obama becoming the first ever African-American president of the US, and a highly popular one too, there’s a lot more we can do to affect and change the country’s history for the better. Black pride is the first step to becoming even more prominent in American history.


African-American Scientists and Researchers

From Katherine Johnson to Neil deGrasse Tyson, African-Americans have a long and rich history in the world of science and research. Not only have we produced some great intellectuals and scientists over the years, but we continue to do so. African-Americans have long shown that they have the ability to put their brain to the maximum and churn out results and possibilities that would often seem impossible. This never say die attitude is what the community needs to take forward for even more successes down the line. More African-Americans need to know just what they are capable of and should be encouraged to explore new possibilities and ideas as much as possible. Black pride is the best way to instil in them the confidence that is desired for such miracles to become more common in the future.


African-American Entertainers Rule the Box Office

From comedians to filmmakers, an increasing number of African-Americans are making their mark across the entertainment sector. Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, and Chris Rock are not just names popular in the US, but they are well-known all around the world. Similarly, actors such as Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Sydney Poitier, and Forest Whitaker have long been breaking the mould and making a name for African-Americans in the film and theatre industry. However, the potential that exists is much more than that.

Berry Jenkins, Ava Duvernay, and Ryan Coogler are just three film directors who have become Oscar nominees or winners recently, with all of them being relatively new to the film industry. They are shining lights for black representation in movies, both on the screen and behind it. The entertainment industry is undergoing a revolution in inclusiveness, and black pride can only help make African-American performers more confident and ready to grab any and all opportunities out there.

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    We must become more determined to be EMPOWERING[one to another],LIFE SUSTAINING[particularly and especially one to another] and PRACTICAL in our functional approach to every endeavor we enter into. On too many occasions we don’t measure correctly. WE COLLECTIVELY LACK UNDERSTANDING OF THE BLACK ma’afa and what needs to be done to address and improve our circumstance.The more determined we become to KNOW ourselves from a practical [historical] perspective,the greater our chances of becoming more competitive are increased exponentially. Universal order has a real and lasting impact and we need to embrace this pragmatic approach to living and thereafter become COLLECTIVELY engaged and successful.

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