African American Civil Rights Movement

The quest for Equality among the American black people


 Black people lynched

A time of terrible oppression

The racial segregation and other horrible forms of oppression experienced by the blacks during the African American civil rights movement still clearly marks on the hearts of the black Americans. A number of dreadful experiences victimized tens of thousands of the Blacks under the detrimental hand of the Whites. The involvement of the Anti-civil rights Ku Klux Klan played a crucial role during the 1960’s. But a payback is soon to be experienced by the Whites!

Also, one profound event is the lynching of Michael Donald which has been attributed to the involvement of the KKK. This includes Henry Francis Hays who has been sentenced to death. This was the first time that a white guy has been punished to death due to a crime against the Black.

In the dawn of 1955, terrifying surge of violence against the Americans included the kidnapping and the brutal murder of 14-year old Emmet Till. This crime has awakened widespread protests from majority of the Black Americans.  Exploitation and violence has fire up sincere, courageous and brave quest for freedom against the excruciating pain and terror caused by the White Americans.

Due to these undesirable experiences of the black Americans, the quest for freedom has opened an avenue for the Civil Rights Movement. To be specific, the movements to gain civil rights for the black Americans have had a very sheer importance in history.  Not only these movements will soon a vital platform to secure citizen rights for the Black Americans,  but they have also redefined existing conceptions and viewpoints regarding nature and details of the civil right as well as the role of the government in securing these rights.


Post-Civil War Constitutional amendments

The most successful freedom struggle of the African and American civil rights movements was the Post Civil War Constitutional amendments .This quest for equality among the Africans and black Americans have been deemed as a great way in abolishing the threats of slavery to the black community. Apart from that, it has also successfully established the status of the blacks in the society and has redefined judicial decision and legislation according to certain sets of reinforced amendments.  This includes the Civil Right Act of 1964, the Supreme Court Brown V. Board of Education of Topeka Decision of 1954 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Furthermore, these changes have embarked very significant contributions to render diverse opportunities for black minority, women and all other victims of discrimination under the regime of the white.

 Black demonstration for civil rights


The 1995-1956 Montgomery Bus Boycott

This profound event in the history of the African-American Civil rights movement has been a scalable protest against the isolated public facilities in Alabama.  This freedom struggle has been led by Martin Luther King Jr. which has lasted for 381 days. Martin Luther King Jr. has played a very significant role in the movements due to his distinctive leadership skills when it comes to oration and conciliation. He has a very sensitive understanding about the tremendous significance of the boycott. Apart from that, he has also realized that the non-violent methodologies of Mahatma Gandhi could be a very effective weapon for the Blacks.


The Black Power Movement

Black power has been the strong and prevailing slogan that binds wide varying ideologies during the African American Civil rights movement. It emphasizes racial pride and aims to create equal political and cultural institution in order to promote the interest and values of the black.

In 1966, during the event of the March against Fear, SNCC and Core has fully adhered to the black power slogan in order to sheer the community of the black towards self-reliance and militancy.   Several people who took the courage to engage in the Black Power Movement began to obtain a newer height of pride for the Black. With their fight for equal opportunities, several blacks have demanded that the White American should no longer call them as Negroes but they must be referred to as Afro-Americans. Until mid-1960s, the blacks had dressed just like with the whites. Also, they have had their hair straightened.

The Black Power movement has been taken into a newer height particularly behind prison walls.  Way back in 1966, George Jackson has established the Black Guerrilla Family particularly at San Quentin State Prison in California. The aim of this movement was to eradicate the white-run government along with the prison system.

March on Washington 


Birmingham and the March on Washington

 The SCLS movement has gained its first sheer success in 1963 as it has launched a prominent campaign in Alabama, particularly in Birmingham.  With that being said, publicized confrontations among the protesters have obtained a very significant sympathy from the north.  This and more related civil rights movement have prompted President Kennedy to make way for new legislation of civil rights.


Malcolm X joins the movement

 In March 1964, a national representative of the Islam Nation, Malcolm X has collaborated with civil rights movement that fights for the rights of the Black and aims to promote Black Nationalism.  As the Civil Rights Act has been subjected to stiff opposition, Malcolm X has conducted a public meeting with Marin Luther. Although the latter had somewhat rebuffed during the meeting, there is an evince showing that King was also preparing to give his support to the plans of Malcolm X.

  Demonstration for Afro American Civil Rights*


Post 1960 Civil rights movement

The assassinations of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X have caused a decline in the quest for quality after the 1960. However, the struggle has never ended and it has left a permanent mark on the society of America.  Lots of forms of discrimination have ended and anti-black violence has submerged.

The African American Civil Rights movement had been very crucial in achieving equality among the Blacks.  With collaborative effort from mindful, courageous ideologist and Black Suprematist, there is no doubt that they have been very successful in sparing post 1960 generation from the hell of the white-run government.  Although some of the movements have experienced drawbacks along the journey, it was absolute that they had never had any regression down the road.


The Blacks have suffered so much from the white. But thanks to dedicated participants of the African American civil rights movement because they have opened doors for equality for the black community. These people and groups would always mark in the hearts of many Blacks. Let's never forget the heroes of African American Civil Rights Movement!

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